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I wax, I shave, I do pretty much anything and everything when it comes to hair removal, and have done since I was fairly young. I am sure that a fair few of you do some form of hair removal too? If so, you know the bane that is ingrowing hairs. There have been too many times where I've waxed my legs and get 55 ingrown hairs, even though I exfoliate!
That's why I jumped at the chance to try Folli Oil.  

Folli Oil is a completely natural oil complex, with oils like lavender, witch hazel and lemon to help exfoliate the skin and reduce ingrown hairs, yay!
I was kindly sent both their Daily Treatment Oil and their Emergency Fix set. Long story short: I love them. 

I love the emergency fix set as you can seriously feel it working. It comes in two roller balls: one is an exfoliating tonic and the other is a calming oil. The two together help to exfoliate the skin, while reducing aggravation and irritation. 

Neither the daily treatment oil nor the emergency fix set feels icky. You know how sometimes skin oils can leave you feeling like a chip pan? They aren't like that! They leave your skin feeling so nourished and soft, without feeling greasy. 

I have also noticed that the hair that is growing back is a lot softer, which is amazing as that means the next wax should be a dream! And the best thing (apart from it being all completely, 100% natural)? you can use it anywhere! goodbye stubbly underarms, hellooo softness. This can also be used on your face if you, your brother, husband, boyfriend, dad, whoever shaves their face and suffers with ingrown hairs. 

A huge thank you to Folli Oil for sending me these wonderful products, I think I am a convert. And although I was kindly sent these products, all opinions are completely my own. 


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