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Is It Just Us

So yeah, I know, I've been mIA again. But I promise there are two very good reasons for that: 

1. I have been working! I've been spending the last month and a half working at a PR firm in London, and loving it! But, if you have clocked that it's in London, you'll also realise that that means I spend a lot of my time commuting, and that does take it out of you. Not to mention I spend my day working, so I don't have much time to write blog posts or go on Instagram. 

2. I am so incredibly excited to be finally telling you all about this! It's been hard to keep it fairly under wraps, but I am so excited to announce that James and I are launching a podcast, Is It Just Us!It has definitely been a labour of love and definitely wouldn't have happened my very old friend, Simon. He's also our producer (I know, sounds super profesh), so he as much a part of this as James or I. I'm sure we'll chat about the backstory to this all in an episode.
Is It Just Us? I…

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