12 July 2018

From Rome, With Love

I have to say, I think Rome is possibly one of my favourite cities. Clearly, there must be something special about the city if this is my third time going! I think that says a lot... 

This time was my first time taking James, and I was so excited to show him the Eternal City as he is really interested in Roman history. So I thought I'd write a little post to let you all in on what we got up to in our four days there. 
Now, a lot of people commented saying that they thought four days wasn't that long, but we only went for a little mini break and was actually the perfect amount of time to allow us to see 99% of the things we wanted to see. 

Before I really get into all the bits and bobs, there is one thing I must tell you. James and I got this thing call an OMNIA card. This lets you into almost all the major attractions in the city for free (you have to buy the card but that's it), and it also lets you go down the fast track so you don't have to wait in the two-hour queues for everything. It was around 90€ each, but it also lets you use all the metros, buses, trams and the hop on and hop off tour bus. The latter we used pretty much every single day. 

Our first major site was the Collesium and the Trevi Fountain. I had seen the outside of it multiple times but had never been inside, this time we did! No both of us agreed that it was very interesting but we also both said that if we had to stand in the normal queue to get inside, we wouldn't. I know, controversial. But there is just as much to be gained from looking at the outside as there is on the inside. Also, be very careful in the area around it, there is a lot of con men and pick-pockets around so stay on guard. As far as the Trevi Fountain is concerned, I love it. It does get very busy so I would suggest getting there early morning so you can have a leasurly time taking photos like me and J did! 


Another very famous site is the Vatican City. I think we all know why it's famous... And it is incredibly beautiful. The first day James and I did St Peter's Basilica, as we had to book onto a tour of the museum and Sistine Chaple the next day. Warning, another controversial opinion: James and I felt the St Peter's was amazing, but we wouldn't do the museum or chapel again. We're both very glad and happy that we did, but it was just so busy and hot that we didn't feel like we enjoyed it as much as we could have. Again, the OMNIA card let us get in through fast-track. But the Chapel and surrounding area are stunning and well worth a visit. If you can try and book onto a tour. 

James's favourite site was hands down the Forum and for good reason. It is incredible. We didn't manage to do it all but have said that when we go back we want a proper guided tour of it- it's just amazing! 

When it comes to food and drink, Rome has so many options. We were lucky as our hotel, The K BOutique (couldn't recommend it enough) was in Monti. This is the area next to the Collesium. It's full of little warrens full of little doorway bars, classic bistros and cafes. We had this amazing Ice cream from this little stall in the middle on Monti and had our first dinner in the restaurant opposite. Both we loved!

On our last night, we wandered over the bridge to Trastevere. This is somewhere we would both spend a lot more time in the next time we go. It's one of those places where you feel like a local. Any and all cafes and bars are amazing, both in value and in the quality of food and drink they offer. So in my eyes, this is a must. 

I'd like to say a huge thank you to James. Your patience with me when it came to photos was amazing, and I'm so chuffed with the shots we got. Your support never goes unnoticed, and I hope you know how much that means to me. I love you! 
(Let's all just appreciate how cute he is below, I think he's a bit of a natural?!) 




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