9 May 2017

The Morning Rush

I don't know about you, but some days I just seem to run out of time, especially when I have a busy day and planned to wash my hair- typical. So I stand there looking in the mirror at the greasy hair I have to work with for the day. And if I have just enough time to wash it, I seem to run out of time to dry it quickly while looking good! 

Although I'm not one of those people who spends half an hour in the shower, I do like to make sure I take the time to care for my skin, so I normally exfoliate with a good scrub and then follow with a moisturising body wash. But, as you can imagine, on busy days, I don't have the time to do this! So, why not combine the two?! You can so easily make any body wash into an exfoliator with some good exfoliating mitts*. These lovely pink ones from Soap & Glory are perfect as they're just like a glove and lathers the product really well. I find a lot of mitts don't give me the level of scrub I want, but these bad boys are fab at giving yourself a super deep scrub. 
So this definitely saves me time in the morning! 

Okay, say I have a morning where my hair is a bit of a grease bomb. I have two options: quick wash (if I have time) or dry shampoo (if I don't). 
say it's the latter, I need a heavy duty dry shampoo, but I don't want to be left with the talc look! oh, the struggle... But Soap & Glory have now come out with this fab new one, which smells amazing might I add, that leaves your hair looking as good as new! They also have a travel size so you can pop it in your bag for top ups throughout the day, yay! 

If I decide to risk it (for a chocolate biscuit...?) and wash my hair, I want to be able to get changed without getting my clothes wet and for my hair to dry quickly. There has been a time when I've desperately tried to get my top on with a towel on my head- it doesn't seem to work! But Soap & Glory kindly sent over their hair turban, it's the perfect size to keep your hair up and ring out the water, while you can get dressed and do your makeup. It helps to speed up drying (as I like to dry it naturally), then all I need to do is turn up the heating in my car for a bit and tah dah! 

And there we have it, how I can get myself sorted quickly in the morning, with the help from Soap & Glory. Although this post is supported by Soap & Glory, all opinions are my own and honest. 

*This post contains gifted content. This post is also supported by Soap & Glory, but all opinions are my own and are competely honest x


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