27 June 2017

The Summer Trench

How to style a trench coat
*Not my photo- taken from Jack Wills' 'How to style a trench coat' campaign 
I know when you think of trench coats, you probably think of cool Autumn days, but if you live in the UK, you will know that the Great British summer isn't always so great, so we need a lightweight coat or jacket to wear in all weather. 

Jack Wills has brought out a new campaign all about How to style a trench coat, for the all weather summer! It's a really lovely post to read if you need a little inspo as to how to wear one. Maybe you've just brought your first trench, or maybe you're looking for new ways to wear your old one? Either way, be sure to check out their campaign for some inspo. 

I love how a Trench can go with pretty much any outfit, and can so easily add a classy and classic feel to an outfit, and they never seem to go out of style, so it's definitely worth investing in a good quality one if you can. If beige/ tan isn't your colour, can easily find them in so many different colours- I used to have a pink one, which made quite a statement, but I loved it. 

I love chucking one on over a simple outfit of a plain white t-shirt, my blue, high waisted Zara jeans and my white converse. I feel and look so put together when in fact I could have been rushing out the door and doing my makeup in the car park! 

The swing - made popular in the 1950's
*Not my photo- taken from Jack Wills' 'How to style a trench coat' campaign 
But, I also love wearing a trench over a pretty little dress while heading out for dinner, to protect my outfit from the lovely spring and summer showers which are oh too common here in the UK. 

The wonderful thing about trench coat is that it's such a lightweight and shower proof little style of jacket, which could be worn all year round and not look out of place. Be sure to check out their lovely range of classic trenches, and some with a modern twist- go make the trench your own and let me know how you like to style Trench coats. 

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