9 September 2017

Instagrammble Food in New York


If you haven't guessed already, or if you don't follow me on Instagram- I am a food orientated person. Some eat to live, others live to eat. I woud definitely say I am more the latter. So obviously, since I've been away, I've wanted to go and find some super cute cafes and restaurants which deliver on the food front and I have found a few! Some of these are typical Instagram hotspots, and others are less so but no matter where you go, you'll be sure to find some super delicious and good looking food! 

This is definitely a hidden gem in East Village. I mean look how gorgeous it is! With Frose in their happy hour and something for everyone on the menu (that isn't badly priced at all), definitely pay this one a visit if you can. 


I hadn't heard much about this one, but came across a food blogger who mentioned it as one of the best places to go for brunch. I am SO glad we went. Anywhere that does salmon and eggs is always good in my book. It was so yum I could have eaten another if I wasn't so full. Another plus of this place is that the portion sizes are fab. 



Many a blogger goes here and for good reason- it's an aussie inspired cafe. Need I say more? The food is so yummy, especially if you're a brunch kinda gal like me, so I would definitely suggest paying a visit to one of the cafes they have dotted around the city. We went to one not far from where we were staying called the Collective Cafe, but be sure to get there early- the ques get huge! 


I wanted to go here after watching Fashion Mumblr's New York videos, and had to try the waffles since she so highly recmmended them. We were'nt dissappointed, they were devine! And don't they look pretty?! 


Some other places I would recommend, which I sadly don't have photos for but they may be in the vlog going up on my youtube channel very soon, are Catch and La Siena. Both are tapas style restaurants (and thus, not cheap) but definitely worth a trip to if you fancy a treat. Catch, as the name would suggest is very fish orientated whereas La Siena is more of your typical spanish style tapas, but no less lovely. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favourite places to eat while I was away! Let e know of anywhere you would recommend for next time. x


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