18 May 2019

University: The End

I remember when I started uni, everyone said to me that it would flash by. I thought they were all just saying that. They weren't! The last year of my degree in particular really did fly by. 


14 April 2019

A Little Update

Hello! I know, long time no blog post again. I guess I can be forgiven since I finish uni in 2 weeks time- oh my word 2 weeks... Anyway- I thought I would come on here and give you a quick update. 


2 January 2019

Why I Set New Year's Resolutions and How to Stick to Yours

Hello 2019, it's lovely to see you! Although 2018 was a pretty fantastic year, I am so incredibly excited for what 2019 has in store.

Since it's a brand, spanking new year, I thought I would have a little chat with you all about new years resolutions. Some people love them, some people make them because they think they have to, and some just don't like the full stop.

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