13 December 2018


Hi, Hello, yes I am still here!
Thank you for bearing with me over the past few months, I know everything has been super all over the place and very quiet on the blog. Life has been very busy, in every way possible, and I've been rolling with it. 


7 October 2018

The Secret's Out...

For a while now, I have hinted to a couple of really exciting things going on in the background over on my Instagram. If you don't follow me, come say hi (@thats_just_emily)! This is one that has a huge impact on me, as I think it's a pretty big thing. So, I thought that now would be as good a time as any to spill all the beans and let you in on our little secret:

1 September 2018

Term Time Wardrobe

Yep, it's almost that time again. Back to uni I go! I'm sure a fair few of you are in the same boat, or maybe you're a fresher going into your first year?! Ooo exciting. 

12 July 2018

From Rome, With Love

I have to say, I think Rome is possibly one of my favourite cities. Clearly, there must be something special about the city if this is my third time going! I think that says a lot... 


8 July 2018

That's So Frisco

Forgive me if none of this makes sense, I’m sat in the airport lounge having a g&t waiting for our flight home! 

27 June 2018

La La Land

LA, the city of Angels or La La Land. All various names for this famous city. This was actually my second time visiting the city, as I have a childhood friend who moved there when we were little, and yet, I feel like I find yet more to see!

23 June 2018

Desert Chillin'

We made it to the desert! The Palm Springs area is hugely popular and well known due to Coachella being just down the road. If you don't know what Coachella is, it's basically America's answer to Glastonbury.

20 June 2018

Vegas, Baby!

So after almost an 11-hour flight, and 8 hours worth of jet-lag, we finally made it to Las Vagas. First thought? 'Oh my gosh how hot is it?!'

3 April 2018

Life's a Lesson

One of the biggest life lessons I have learnt recently is the mere fact that life is a lesson. Life often throws difficult situations at you, or you encounter bumps in the road that throw you.

21 March 2018

Let's Talk: Periods

Considering half the worlds population suffers with periods during their lifetime, I don't actually feel like it is discussed that much. My housemate Hannah asked me the other day (while we were both suffering with the joys of PMS) why I didn't chat more about it on here, so here we are! So this is going to be the first in a little mini-series all about period stuff: from what I suffer with PMS wise and how I deal with it, to the options that are out there for when you are on your time of the month. 


13 February 2018

Dealing with Writers Block and Self Doubt

I do an English degree. I write, a lot. So writer's block isn't exactly a new thing to me, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't get frustrating. Recently, especially since having essays due for my degree: writing is connected with deadlines to me at the moment, and I don't want that.

24 January 2018

How To Look Expensive on a Budget

Now I'm in my 20s I had a think about my wardrobe. The likelihood is that I'm not going to grow anymore and I felt that now would be a good time to have a bit of a sort out. 
I guess I spent the majority of my teens trying to figure out what my style is and experimenting. Now I'm 20, I feel like I have my style pretty nailed down and I am pretty happy with it!

7 January 2018

My Favourite January Sale Finds


Now, I love a bargain. Seriously, ask anyone. Be it clothes, acessories (even holidays!) I love finding some fab pieces for a smaller price tag. So, since it is the season for sale shopping, I thought I would share some of my favourite finds, saving you trekking through the mass that is the sales! 
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