23 June 2018

Desert Chillin'

We made it to the desert! The Palm Springs area is hugely popular and well known due to Coachella being just down the road. If you don't know what Coachella is, it's basically America's answer to Glastonbury.

We stayed just down the road in Palm Desert, the lesser known sister to Palm Springs. If I'm honest, I actually prefer Palm Desert to Palm Springs. There, I said it! It just generally seems like a nicer area. It has some amazing shops and some really pretty areas (perfect for the gram). Down the road from our hotel was Coachella Valley's version of Rodeo Drive; beautiful shops, lots of American flags and plenty of palm trees. If it wasn't so busy every time we went down there my entire Instagram would be full of it right now! 

Another thing I'm not sure that many people are aware of is this amazing Nature reserve up one of the mountains in the valley. It's 8000 ft in the sky, so maybe not one for those of you not so great with heights. But if you're willing I'd really recommend it. The views are incredible. 

Food-wise, there are a couple of places we came across that I really have to tell you about. First up is Grill-a-burger. If you watch Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (Food Network), then this name may ring a bell. That is because it was on it! If I'm being honest, it was probably one of the best burgers I've ever had. It was so yum. And the garlic fries... Oh, The Garlic Fries! They were simply special. Not amazing for your breath but I love garlic and am okay with that! If you're in the area you really need to try this place. 

The next place was actually a bit of a fluke! It's called AC3, in Hotel Paseo. It's also where the California sign in this post is from. We were sat one afternoon having a look to see where we wanted to go for dinner and I actually came across this place by accident. While doing some research I found out that it was something called Restaurant Week in the area. This is basically where a load of cafes and restaurants in the area have set menus for really good prices. So We thought we would give it a try! If you follow me on Instagram (@THATS_JUST_EMILY) then you've already had me gush a bit. But here's some more! I actually had one of the best steak and chips, ever. The chips had truffle and parmesan on them! I mean come. on. Two of my favourite things right there. We had three pretty awesome courses for $29, bargain! Again, I couldn't recommend this place enough. The vibe is just so cool and chilled out, perfect for a meal or even just a drink. 

And that brings us to the end of our quick little visit to Palm Desert. Next stop, LA. Stay tuned for a blog post full of classic movie scene shots and lots of palm trees! 


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