13 December 2018


Hi, Hello, yes I am still here!
Thank you for bearing with me over the past few months, I know everything has been super all over the place and very quiet on the blog. Life has been very busy, in every way possible, and I've been rolling with it. 

Over the past few months, I feel like I've been tested. I've had uni, and all the joys of third year and dissertation life (a journey that is rapidly coming to an end in a matter on months), I've been throwing myself into my job (if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a little post about that recently), and I've been tackling the age-old issue of curveballs coming and hitting you straight on. 
With this all being said, this brings me on to something I have learnt, big-time, over the past few months in particular and the topic of this post - gratitude

With the end of 2018 rapidly coming to an end, I think now is always the best time to reflect on the past year. My what a year it has been. 

I kicked off the year by welcoming my 20's- what an exciting decade it is already shaping up to be! 
My big sister got engaged (I still get emotional about it). 
I finished my second year of uni, which feels like a lifetime ago now. 
I've been on some incredible trips abroad with my wonderful family and Jim. 
I finished at my teenhood summer job. 
My oldest and one of my dearest childhood friends came to see me (all the way from New Zealand). 
I started my third and final year at university. 
James and I celebrated 4 years together. 
I started a new job. 
And Jim and I booked a one-way ticket to Australia! 

And I'm going to end my year surrounded by all those I adore. I've also learnt a lot about myself this year. I am so much more resilient than I thought. I've learnt a lot of positive and maybe some less positive things about life, mainly that not everyone will cheer you on when you succeed and that not everyone will be there when you have a bad day. But those who are are gems, I've learnt to truly appreciate how lucky I am in that respect. 

Although this might just seem like a list of things, they are all there to remind me to be so so grateful and to remind myself to bring this gratitude into 2019. All experiences, good and bad, teach you something. Be grateful for that experience because it will end up shaping you. Some lessons are easy, some are incredibly difficult. I've had my fair share of both, but I wouldn't change it. 

So. Gratitude. That is my new year's resolution: to practice gratitude on a daily basis. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and new year, surrounded by those you love. Here's to 2019, boy am I excited to see what you have in store. I think it's going to be a cracker! 


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