7 January 2018

My Favourite January Sale Finds


Now, I love a bargain. Seriously, ask anyone. Be it clothes, acessories (even holidays!) I love finding some fab pieces for a smaller price tag. So, since it is the season for sale shopping, I thought I would share some of my favourite finds, saving you trekking through the mass that is the sales! 

First up, Accessorize. I love Accessorize, you can find some really lovely pieces and often even some dupes for designer pieces! But, quite often they can be pretty pricey, so these are my three fav things I've found. 

Berets seem to be huge right now and to be frank, I'm all for it! Whether or not they suit me, personally, is a different sorty. But, if you're on the beret train, why not jump on this cutie! Grey goes with so much, and it even has a little sparkle too. What's not to love? 

I had to include these gloves. They are just too cute to miss! Since they're cream they would easily fit into anyones wardrobe and be a welcome addition, i am sure, now that it really is getting chilly! 

I am a slippers gal. I love them, especailly since I constantly have cold feet... These locelys are 50% off and look like a fav dupe for emu or uggs! I have a pair of a sparkely versions of these and live in them. 

Like Accessorize, I love Topshop. But the prices don't always fill me with joy, if i'm totally honest. So when they have a sale, I pray that the bits I've been loving will be in there! 

First is this lovely (very cosy looking) high neck jumper. For me, this is a very obvious one, and one I'm sure my flatmates are rolling their eyes at since i apparently wear too much cream (it is true... i do). But in my defence, this is an absolute classic, and is something you can wear for seasons to come. And with £10 off...

The next is a bit of a basic, but one that many bloggers and influencers have been LOVING recently. You can't really go wrong with a classic stripe tee, and the red and slogan add a little something extra to it. 

I kind of couldn't write this post without having at least one teddybear coat. They are literally everywhere. Seriously. So if you've been wanting one, why not nab one in the sale!?

I think the place I shop most is likely to be New Look, it's much more freindly to a student budget, let's face it. And I have to say- they have some cracking deals! Especially when it comes to these basics, you really can't go wrong...
Jeans can be pretty expensive, but if you're like me, then they are a staple in your wardrobe. So now is the time to pick a pair (or 2) up!

Loafers have come back in style, and they actually seem pretty practicle as well. But who has the money to spend on Gucci versions? Not me! So this pair is less than a fraction of the price and have a very similar effect.

Like I said, New Look has pretty good prices all year round, but £3 for a staple tshirt? YASS! In my eyes you can never have too many block colour tshirts, especially in grey, black and white (what a surprise...) and £3 for one is awesome. 

So thats it! These are a few of the pieces I've been loving in the sales at the moment, be sure to let me know about the pieces you've got and are loving at the moment!

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