31 December 2017

Here's to a new year

If you read my recent post, you'll know that for me 2018 is a bit of a significant year: I'm going to be turning 20 next week! The big 2 0. And in my head I still feel the same as when I did when I was 16, except, for some reason, people are giving me more responsibility and think I know what I'm doing. Heads up- I make it up as I go along! 

Anyway... I thought that since this was the year I enter my third decade (gosh that makes me feel older), I thought I would actually think about what I want to achieve this year. Let's call this my New Years resolutions for ease, shall we? 

The first one may seem like an odd one but bear with me. As a couple, James and I want to keep a dream journal. There are far too many mornings when both of us think "oo that was a really good dream, I need to tell (James/Emily) about it" and then by the time we see each other we've forgotten! So, we thought we would each keep a dream journal so we can actually tell each other about the exciting, and often strange and odd, dreams we had the night before. 

The second is probably the sort of one you were expecting: investing in me, in every way. I want to kick my 20s off with a bang and start them as I mean to go on. Whether or not I actually stick to these is another thing, but let's just pretend that I will. When I say that I want to "invest in me", I mean it in both a literal and metaphorical sense. I want to look after my body; eat well (ideally actually meeting the 5-a-day rule) and drink plenty of water. I want to walk a lot more, fresh air is highly underrated (and, also, I really don't enjoy running, much to James' disbelief). Something I really want to strive for is to make the most of things. I want to travel more, be it in the UK (because, lone behold, I haven't actually seen much of my country!) or abroad. And if I do, I want to take as much in as possible. I strongly believe that there is a lot to be gained from travelling. 

Finally, I want to make more time for this blog. Over the past few months, I lost my momentum and drive. Maybe it was because I was so busy, maybe because I got lazy; either way, I want to make it something I'm proud of. I want to take more time and care in not only the writing but the photos. Photography is something I enjoy so much, and I'm sad that it has taken a toll in recent months, but I am determined to better it! And if that means I need to learn new skills, so be it. I welcome it, in fact! Why do something if you can not learn from the experience? 

Happy new year to you all! I wish you all the very best for 2018, and I hope you're as excited as I am for what is to come.

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