29 July 2017

3 Books every Millennial Should Read

I am a book person. I know not every person is, especially in our generation, but I wanted to talk to you about three books I've read recently. The three books I feel every Millenial should read.

The first you may roll your eyes at a little since every blogger and their mother seems to have read this book, but for a very good reason- I'm talking about #GIRLBOSSHonestly, I think all young women should read it. I read this on holiday and felt so pumped and excited to get a move on so many different aspects of my life. I wanted to bring my organisation up to speed, get the business side of my blog going and really ramp up my drive to work hard and do well. 

My second one follows a very similar theme, yet it is less well known- How to be An Overnight Success. This is the semi- auto biography/ self-help book from the CEO of Rodial, Maria Hatzistefanis and how she ended up being the founder of one of the biggest skin care companies out there. I find it so humbling to know that this lovely, hard working woman has built herself a little empire and smashing it, did so many different jobs and spent so many years getting to this point. So again, if you want a read to give yourself that boost of motivation, add this to your reading list asap. 

The next, again there has been a fair few bloggers read it over the past year, but again, it's a good one. But not for those who are under 16/17, as the name will explain. It's called The Life Changing Magic of not giving a F*ck- don't say I didn't warn ya! I saw this in Waterstones a few months back and it should have been titled: Emily, you need to read this. It talks about how it's okay to put yourself first and do what you want without caring what others think. And, if like me, you try to please everyone all the time (which seriously can't be done), then you should read this. It teaches you the art of self-preservation. 
I plan to pick up the follow-up book, which is called Get Sh*t Done, does anyone else feel they need this?! 

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